Monday, April 30, 2012

Which Dead Stars Will Get Tupac Holograms Next? You'll Never Guess!

Tupac Shakur, HologramNow that Tupac has been resurrected digitally, who's likely to be next? ?Randy, via the�inbox I'm tempted to create a new segment called America's Next...

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Lindsay Lohan Hits Party Before White House Correspondents' Dinner: Was She Well Behaved?

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan may have had some issues getting to Washington, D.C., for the White House Correspondents' Dinner, but she did much better on Saturday. Not only, as we know, was she at...

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To avoid defaulting on its massive debt, LightSquared?s Falcone is stepping aside

About the only thing LightSquared is buying these days is time, which is useful since the company is about to defaulting on millions in debt. To do this, Founder and public face of troubled wireless network startup LightSquared Philip Falcone …

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No, AirPlay Is Not The New Apple TV

a3If you asked your mom or dad what DLNA or UPnP stood for or did, would they just look at you weird? While the two technologies enable users to wirelessly beam content to Internet Connected TVs from their tablets, phones, and computers, Apple?s AirPlay is the first implementation that makes the experience seamless. Tap the button again and playback resumes on your root device. No complicated setup is required - it simply works. Some, like Bloomberg and Hunter Walk, have suggested that AirPlay is Apple TV, and that Apple will simply license AirPlay to the major Connected TV manufactures - and by default every Connected TV sold will be an "Apple TV" - the remote being your iPhone or iPad. It's certainly a sensible theory - there are 250 M+ iOS devices, and with the upcoming OS X update, laptops can now leverage Airplay as well. That's over 300M Apple devices that can push content to TVs.

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Visualize Your Personal Brand

In a world with too many choices, being the obvious one in your category really isn?t that hard. You just have to stand out from the pack. In a good way. There are lots of people with your skill set, no doubt. But, there?s no one who has your combination of personality, abilities, qualities and [...]

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Temperature Sensitive Rug Changes Colors To Match the Seasons [Wish You Were Here]

When you decorate a room you're stuck with a single color palette all year round that doesn't necessarily reflect the changing seasons outside. So maybe we should look to Siren Elise Wilhelmsen's color-changing rug for inspiration on designing a room that reflects, or contrasts, the temperatures outside. More »

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A Yosemite Time-Lapse So Beautiful It Looks Fake [Video]

When you love the story you are telling, it shows. It can't be faked. Such is the case with this breath-taking time-lapse video of Yosemite and the Sierras. It took filmmaker Shawn Reeder two years of shooting to make this staggering piece of beauty he calls Yosemite Range of Light. Go full screen HD or go home. [Shawn Reeder via The Atlantic via Peta Pixel via Laughing Squid] More »

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Nokia experiments with location-based white space services in Cambridge, UK (video)

Nokia experiments with location-based white space services in Cambridge, UK (video)

Following news of the first successful white space trials in Cambridge, UK, Nokia is now touting its research in the area with a demonstration of location-based services for the unlicensed spectrum. Traditionally, proponents of white space usage have positioned this unused portion of the airwaves as a viable, low-cost method of data transmission, but the Nokia folks have now demonstrated its ability to pinpoint one's location with much greater accuracy than either WiFi or cellular networks. Think of it as a counterpoint to NFC, if you will, but in the following clip, we're shown how an individual might move throughout a museum, and as they approach various exhibits, one's smartphone could provide supplemental information for the nearby artifacts. Beyond its use in museums, Nokia also foresees the technology as useful in the retail space, where businesses may provide consumers with promotions as they walk by. Currently, the necessary equipment to make this all possible is much too large to fit within a typical smartphone, but Nokia hypothesizes that the necessary chipsets and industry standards may be in place by 2015. Until then, you can dream of what might be with the following video.

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Tiny N64 controller guaranteed to cause serious crampage

Tiny N64 controller guaranteed to cause serious crampage

On the list of nerd pastimes, miniaturization ranks pretty high. So, we're not exactly surprised to see a tiny N64 controller, but we're kind of amazed that this rather extreme hack managed to avoid detection since January. The itty bitty controller isn't a mod, but an original construction built around a PIC microcontroller. You might notice that the yellow C buttons are absent, instead Kirren (the creator) went with a tiny four way switch, which you'll see above the blue and green A and B buttons. The design skips the L key, but you'll find R and Z on the rear face. For a short clip of it in action head on after the break and, if you want to build one yourself, hit up the source.

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